The TUM community

A rich and diverse community of scientists, students and staff is what makes Technische Universität München (TUM) such an innovative and dynamic institution. To promote diversity, TUM fosters a work and study environment that allows every individual to realize their full potential. An open and accepting climate of mutual respect is just as important as concrete diversity measures. TUM’s aim is to build an integrated university community – the TUM.Family – embracing all cultures and generations – from students to alumni.

Cross-generational diversity

TUM embeds its diversity policy in every aspect of university life. To achieve this, it created the Vice President of Diversity & Talent Management office in 2011. The Vice President oversees the Gender & Diversity Board, whose remit has been extended to include advising the Board of Management and the scientific institutes, and supporting the work of the Gender Equality Officer, Equal Opportunity Officer and Representative for Employees with Disabilities. The university’s management agrees on binding targets with the academic departments, Integrative Research Centers and Graduate Schools. The research conducted within the newly established TUM-IAS Anna Boyksen Fellowships (Diversity Research) will be incorporated into these targets.

TUM supports the women on its staff at every stage of their careers. The proportion of women professors has risen from 8 to 18 percent in the past 11 years. The university wants to reach the target of 25 percent in 2025. 

Measures are in place to support women who want to balance family life with professional interests. The university continues to expand its childcare services, having already invested over €10 million in this area over the past ten years.


Not only does TUM offer its students a top-class education, its Career Service also prepares them for the working world. In addition, the university has established a Mentoring Program so students can benefit from the experience and knowledge of older generations.


The TUM ForTe – Office for Research and Innovation provides a range of services to support talented scientists. These include various career-development measures as well as advice on applying for patents and starting up a company. To maximize the number of startups, TUM has set up a scouting system to identify marketable innovations developed by its scientists. The TUMentrepreneurship strategy, which was recognized by the “EXIST-Gründungskultur” competition for startups in 2011, has led to the creation of three new professorships. It has also paved the way for the building of new facilities for the TUM center for innovatoin and Business Creation "UnternehmerTUM" as well as for entrepreneurship research. 

TUM actively helps the families of newly arrived scientists to settle in to their new lives in Munich. The Munich Welcome! network – a collaboration with other science institutions and local companies – offers support in areas such as childcare, careers for partners and accommodations. 

TUM Alumni & TUM Emeriti of Excellence

TUM is constantly expanding its alumni network. Alumni make a valuable contribution to university life by strengthening research, teaching and the entrepreneurial mindset. Bringing the benefits of their knowledge and life experience, they act as ambassadors for their alma mater or support it financially, for example through the TUM University Foundation. Retired professors with outstanding achievements to their name and a strong commitment to TUM are given the honorary title of TUM Emeriti of Excellence. Valued for their independence, experience and reputation, these distinguished figures play an advisory role at TUM. Their future involvement is set to become more hands-on with roles in the new Integrative Research Centers, the new Munich Welcome! network as well as TUM’s new overseas locations.