Excellence in research and teaching: The Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Germany's Universities of Excellence. Our Clusters of Excellence seek answers to highly topical scientific questions. With our overall strategy we are now undertaking the most fundamental transformation in our 150-year history. Our aim: To advance from our position among Europe's most respected universities to join the top international league.

TUM remains University of Excellence: "A big success for TUM as a whole" (video, 1'58 min.)

University of Excellence

As announced in July 2019, TUM has secured the title "University of Excellence" for the third time in succession. The prize money for the 2019–2026 period will be used to implement the strategy "TUM Agenda 2030". University of Excellence

Clusters of Excellence

TUM and its partners seek answers to highly topical scientific questions in four Cluster of Excellence. They underscore Munich’s status as an exceptional hub of scientific research. Clusters of Excellence

Outcome since 2006

TUM is the only technical university in Germany to have held the title “University of Excellence” consecutively since 2006. Its success in the Excellence Initiative of the federal and state governments has transformed it into a modern entrepreneurial university of international standing. Outcome since 2006

What is the Excellence Strategy?

The German federal and state governments are promoting outstanding scientific research with a new funding program launched in 2019: the Excellence Strategy. The objective is to provide long-term financial support to selected German Universities of Excellence and innovative research projects.  Excellence Strategy