The Institutional Strategy: "TUM. The Entrepreneurial University."

Innovative and internationally competitive, geared toward action, welcoming to top talents in all their diversity, uniting scientific and technical excellence with transdisciplinary exploration, and engaged with society as well as industry − this is what the concept of an "entrepreneurial university" means to the Technische Universität München. The first phase of the Excellence Initiative enabled TUM to show what it means, with measurable impacts ranging from the creation of new research fields to enhanced recruiting and development of world-class talent.

In this second phase, 2012-2017, TUM's institutional strategy is oriented toward major challenges facing society in the 21st century in areas such as energy, climate, and environment, natural resources, health and nutrition, communication and information, mobility, and infrastructure. Focusing on these themes calls for entrepreneurial approaches that transcend boundaries of all kinds. Accordingly, the actions that flow from this strategy are designed to foster interdisciplinary research and research-oriented learning, stimulate even more international networking, recruit the best minds from around the world, and harness the power of diversity.

The TUM Faculty Tenure Track System

The boldest new measure is the TUM Faculty Tenure Track System, unique in Germany, which offers clear, end-to-end career perspectives for promising young academic researchers and kicks off with the hiring of 100 tenure-track professors by the year 2020. This initiative, together with eight new professorships reserved for women with outstanding track records in research, an ambitious executive recruiting system for senior faculty, and a suite of family-friendly programs, will make TUM a more formidable competitor for top talent worldwide, a key to its future success.


Integrative Research Centers

Another prominent feature of the institutional strategy is an expanded drive, building on the success of the TUM Institute for Advanced Study, to pioneer interdisciplinary research through "Integrative Research Centers." This phase of the Excellence Initiative is enabling TUM to launch the Munich Center for Technology in Society, to strengthen the Munich School of Engineering, and to bolster the TUM-IAS as its flagship for top-level international research.

TUM: International and Entrepreneurial

The impulse toward internationalization gets a further boost through "localization," with the creation of TUM branches abroad to enhance both research and recruiting. At the same time, here in Munich, TUM will be promoting closer interaction with industry, encouraging growth-oriented technology spinoffs, and working with government to secure a broader scope for action as an entrepreneurial university.