Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, president of TUM, about the excellence initiative

Path to success – living excellence.

Organized by the German federal and state governments, the Excellence Initiative has again injected significant momentum into the Technische Universität München (TUM). The institutional strategy “TUM. The Entrepreneurial University” was launched in 2006 with a comprehensive series of programs. These initiatives focus on cutting-edge research (TUM Institute for Advanced Study), encourage up-and-coming young scientists, establish an enlightened gender and diversity policy, and foster a culture of entrepreneurship. 

Building on the success of the 2006 program, TUM’s 2012 strategy is inspired by the concept of “talents in diversity.” The aim is to attract elite international scientists who will strengthen TUM’s status as a technical research and teaching hub focused on the major challenges facing society as we move forward: Health & Nutrition • Energy & Natural Resources • Environment & Climate • Information & Communications • Mobility & Infrastructure. Marking a paradigm shift in the German higher education sector, TUM’s Integrative Research Centers and Faculty Tenure Track career system are key vehicles in the move toward these goals.

By setting up International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (2006/2012), followed by the TUM Graduate School (2009), TUM has created a structured environment for doctoral candidates.

Meanwhile, participation in several cutting-edge research projects (Clusters of Excellence) has established TUM as one of Europe’s top universities in engineering, the natural sciences, the life sciences and medicine.

Success in the Excellence Initiative marks the start of a new chapter in TUM’s story – a story that will be brought to life with new talent.

Overview: map on funding decisions of the German Excellence Initiative 2012-2017 (pdf | 602 KB)