Recruitment & careers systems

Technische Universität München (TUM) firmly believes that success is built on excellence through diversity. Inspired by its motto “talents in diversity”, the university therefore takes an entrepreneurial approach to winning the best talent. From headhunting to ongoing human resources management, TUM has developed a series of strategic recruitment and careers tools that dovetail to perfection. The overarching aim is to recruit, develop and retain elite scientists and top research managers.

TUM Faculty Tenure Track

TUM has launched a paradigm shift in Germany’s higher education sector by replacing the traditional appointment system with an end-to-end career system. This gives young scientists the opportunity to progress from assistant professors (W2) to associate professors (W3) and full professors within six years. To be eligible for this Tenure Track system, candidates normally must have postdoctoral research experience outside Germany. To climb up the career ladder, candidates must undergo evaluations based on strict quality criteria. By the year 2020, TUM will create 100 additional Tenure Track professorships, opening up promising opportunities to the most talented and driven individuals.

TUM Faculty Executive Search

TUM is not content to wait for elite researchers to apply for positions. Instead, it uses professional headhunting techniques to search the world for the most suitable talent.

Liesel Beckmann Distinguished Professorship

By the year 2025, TUM aims to have women account for one quarter of all its professors. As a first step to achieving this goal, TUM is creating eight additional professorships for top women researchers. The Liesel Beckmann Distinguished Professorships take their name from the first woman professor at Technische Hochschule München, as the university was known in her time. It is hoped that the professorships will also encourage women students and young scientists who are dedicated to the natural sciences and engineering to embark on a career at the university.

Max Planck@TUM

TUM enlarges its talent pool by welcoming scientists from the Max Planck Society (MPG). MPG’s basic research credentials and TUM’s natural science and engineering expertise complement each other perfectly. TUM and MPG will therefore jointly appoint professors, also as part of the Tenure Track system. Both institutes stand to benefit from this alliance: MPG’s outstanding young scientists will become assistant professors at TUM – and get the opportunity to attain a full professorship.

“Munich Welcome!” network

When top-notch academics are considering a career move, make-or-break factors often include the availability of family services, job opportunities for partners, support in finding accommodations and assistance in overcoming bureaucracy. That is why TUM has created the “Munich Welcome!” network. This initiative will bring Munich’s major science institutions together with leading regional companies. “Munich Welcome!” builds on the services already provided by TUM’s successful „Munich Dual Career Office“. The staff here have helped countless new arrivals settle in to their lives in Munich and helped partners in their search for a job or career.

Human Resources Management

TUM’s entrepreneurial approach does not end when newly recruited researchers or research managers sign on the dotted line. It continues with a comprehensive HR management system tailored to its academic circles. The system will be enhanced by the research findings from the new TUM Center for Strategic Leadership in Management and Research.